PDW - Skuggatilvera

PDW - Skuggatilvera

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The two pieces “himmalsstreymurin” and “skuggatilvera” evolved around the theme of ’DECAY’. The titles mean "the sky-stream" and “shadowy existence”. They each show a Varði (craine), that people put up in the old days to mark trails through the mountains leading between villages.

The volcanic basalt stone, which these landmarks are shaped out of are facing massive decay and erosion through wind, weather, water and the salty air in general.

Only the hands of motivated hikers keep them alive by sticking to the tradition of putting a new stone on them when walking by.

Printed on FSC certified 200 g/m² uncoated fine paper

Frame not included - All posters will be rolled nicely and sent in a cardboard tube to your address.

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