About poster.fo

Welcome to www.poster.fo - the webshop with various artists of Faroese made posters.

All our posters are printed in the Faroe Islands and only after purchasing. Some of the posters are in limited quantity. In our webshop you’ll find photo-, art- and graphic posters.

All our posters will be printed on FSC certified 200 g/m² uncoated fine paper in the following sizes A5, A4, A3, A2, 30x40 & 40x60 cm. Some posters will only be in some of the sizes or in special sizes like 21x21, 30x30 & 42x42 cm. Some special editions may be printed on Semi matt 260 g/m² paper.

If you purchase one of our posters, we will print it for you, roll it nicely and send it in a cardboard tube to your address. We normally send orders within 24 hours on workdays.

You’ll find information about every artist and you are welcome to contact the artists about other sizes.

We are always looking for new Faroese artists, be welcome to fill out the form on our webside and we will contact you about the conditions.